Phoenix Seo isn’t dead it’s just changed!

Phoenix Seo isn’t dead all though some would like you to think so. Hi Major Marketing here I wanted to talk about our newest service Extreme Local Internet Marketing.  The truth is that Seo isn’t as easy as use to be. Things have become a little more complicated and slower. Google knows in order to increase PPC sales and decrease the amount of link spam they had to change the rules and quality guide lines. The days of turn and burn internet marketing companies are nearly gone. Ranking a website on page one in a month or two are pretty much gone. Patience truly is a virtue with seo in today’s market but it doesn’t mean it isn’t as effective as it once was. Finding internet marketing companies that have evolved with and stayed ahead of the game are hard to find and most are not cost effective. We now offer Extreme local internet marketing for companies anywhere in the United States. This is a service that will put you everywhere your next customer is looking and then some. We are located in Phoenix Arizona and are fully equipped and staffed to handle any companies internet marketing in any city on any scale. Have a small budget don’t worry we can help even the smallest of companies with the smallest of budgets. ComputerArmy uses a proprietary internet marketing scheme that will give your business the edge it needs to be successful online.

What are the major seo differences with choosing organic internet marketing services rather than Google Ads?

  • The biggest difference is Time -Vs- Cost
  • Seo internet marketing is a slower method but is far more cost effective in the long run and increases the value of your domain and website.
  • Ad words does produce instant results but with a steep price. Sure it seems harmless enough it starts off at $2 – $5 a click. A 1000 clicks later and 5 cost per click bid increases and no phone calls later. That is only if you have a low cost keyword.
  • With ad words you could be paying for clicks in Dallas when your company only services Phoenix. I think everyone has seen a case of this at one point or another. Lets say you live in Phoenix and you search for a local ac repair company and you see a Google ad for a company in Texas somewhere and you only learn this after you have already clicked on it. They paid for your inconvenience. Don’t get me wrong ad words can be great if managed right and used effectively in addition to seo.
  • Extreme local internet marketing puts your company on just about every major local directory with the ability to edit them all in one shot. It also allows us to track reviews on all these listings with the click of a button. We utilize social media to the max for you. Increase positive reviews, traffic, customer leads, branding, company reputation and so much more that ad words could never offer!
  • Don’t get penalized for your companies success! Stop paying for clicks and invest in your companies online value. PPC is temporary Seo is here to stay.

Your business depends on it so Call ComputerArmy Today or Email us for more info and get started today.

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