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ComputerArmy has quickly established itself as a qualified professional Band Management and Marketing company. ComputerArmy is taking Phoenix Band Marketing by storm. We simply took what we knew about business marketing and our passion for music and the local scene to create what ever serious band needs. Someone that can handle not only the marketing aspect of there music but direction and structure. If your a band that is looking to make this a working career then you need business management. This title is not to be taken lightly and should not be given to just anyone. I am not going to sell you on why you need direction and management. This should be something you already know and want at this point if your reading this post. Instead lets talk about what ComputerArmy can do for you.

  • Phoenix Band Marketing: This includes a wide variety of services that differ from band to band. Every band needs Social Media but it needs to be organized and utilized to be effective. The biggest platform for bands is of course Reverbnation and that goes without saying. We build your band equity by increasing your fans, visits, song plays, video views, and widget impressions. In short we create a buzz about your band and music. Most importantly these are real people viewing your music. We grow your social platforms to increase your fan reach. Having your online portfolio in order is detrimental to your success and future opportunities.
  • Phoenix Show Promotions: I think most bands struggle with this aspect of the music business and the ones who don’t achieve their goals of success. We have solutions to get your band’s fan turn out up at your major shows. Without a solid home crowd your bands future will most likely be a dim one. Ticket sales and door sales are one of the biggest stats looked at on getting your band into major show opportunities. We will push your band to more sales and help you get other to work for you. We cover everything from street teams to aggressive online promotions.
  • Phoenix Band Management: All to often bands are unorganized and without direction. More often than not bands will try to handle all of their own business and not always but most of the time something suffers as a result. Dealing with the business side of the band can very difficult as a artist because what happens is you become involved personally on the business side and this leads to bad things in the business world. Most bands have day jobs making it impossible to handle having a job, manage band business and give 100% to your music. If being successful musician is your goal and dream at some point you have to decide what is best to make this come true and what do I really need to do to make it happen.

ComputerArmy is putting together band collaborations were bands work together to grow fan bases and promote shows together. Currently we manage the #1 & 2 ranked bands on Reverbnation here in Arizona. Is your band in the Top 10 and playing shows you always wanted? You could be, all you have to do is Contact us today!


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Phoenix Band Marketing

Phoenix Top Bands are Managed by ComputerArmy

Phoenix Band Marketing

Top Bands in Phoenix are Managed by ComputerArmy



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