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Need a bigger fan base or more shows here in Phoenix? I am proud to finally offer our marketing services to bands in the Phoenix area. We can help you build that fan base you need to climb the charts on music sites. We can even go beyond just internet marketing for your band. We can help you land more shows and with a big enough fan following you can start landing those big shows! As of right now the Gig Booking service is completely free. Meet other bands and grow in our network of working artist right here in Phoenix. We have a strong passion for music and nothing beats live music. We are proud to be apart of the Phoenix Music Scene that seems to get better every year. Maybe you know a band that could use this service just tell them to find ComputerArmy online and get started right away. Please be sure to give use links to hear your music so we can help you get the right shows for your style. For more info or to get started now click here.

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