Phoenix Seo a must for local service based companies.

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Seo is no secret these days however having it done right can be pretty tricky. Search engines have done a great job shaking things up and keeping internet marketing companies honest. Over the last year we seen so many cut rate low quality companies fall offline. It’s been tough business for Seo companies to adapt and stay ahead of the curve and we couldn’t be happier. Why you might ask. That’s easy here at ComputerArmy we prided ourselves on staying ahead of the game. Following the rules and never taking shortcuts is why our company has excelled in these tough times. Service based companies have some of the best success with local internet marketing and for good reason. When someones needs a service the first thing they do is…. You guessed it they Google it. The next thing they do if they are a savvy shopper is…. That’s right they price/quote check and we have all heard the percentages but we all agree that front page is the best no matter where you are. We would also agree that the higher you are on that front page the better. So my point is that we have tons of Seo trade secrets and have a great success rate but that isn’t what sets us apart from the rest. It’s our values and our relationships with small business owners across the country that truly allows us to provide results that work. We don’t just have you fill out a form and poof you have front page website. Doing that type of Seo now will just cause you nothing but problems. Our ability to educate and manage all of your online business accounts to free you from the daunting task that is your website. Speaking of websites of course we can handle that for you along with just about anything else you can think of and some you can’t. ComputerArmy is owned and operated right here in Phoenix. So we know the area the local trends. If your company is in the Phoenix area we can come to your business for a sit down and talk about your marketing plans and expectations. This allows everyone to be on the same page from day one. Not only does this make you happy but allows us to provide the highest quality services for you. Contact us for more info.

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