Phoenix Seo and what to expect from todays Seo Services

There are a lot of companies that would like you to think that Phoenix Seo services are a thing of the past and that Seo is dead. This however is far from the truth. The only thing about Seo that is dead are the old school methods to achieve solid Seo for your companies website. Granted we know that it is a little disappointing that Seo is a bit slower than it use to be but is still just as effective if not more in the long run or grand scheme of things. Phoenix Seo companies will miss the days of being able to rank businesses on the front page in 1-2 months. Front page organic listings just take a little more time, content and most importantly natural looking seo using not just a linking scheme. We are still using most of the same methods we always have with a few exceptions. Our core techniques are still in place even after countless major search engine updates. Why is this important to know about us? This tells you that we stay a head of the curve and do not rely on tons of spam links to rank a site. We take ranking your company on the front page very seriously. We know what this service means to business owners and their families. That is why we provide the very best seo building practices. Your site will never receive a penalty as a result of any of our methods. Here at ComputerArmy we follow the quality guidelines set by search engines. With 100’s of satisfied business owners already isn’t it time to trust your site with the best?

Things you should expect with Seo today.

  • Getting ranked on the front page of a search engine inside of a month or two no longer exist for 95% of sites. If a company tells you otherwise do not use them.
  • You must take the time to write 100% unique content that is very informative. This can not be stressed enough!
  • Do not point any old link to your site. This not a link race anymore.
  • Don’t over stuff your site with keywords. This is not new but even more important now then before.
  • Don’t expect a low grade site to provide top rankings. Your site is important too not just what is on it.
  • Make sure you use a company that has been around for more than a year. Legit Seo companies have been trying to shake the bad rep caused by a slew of scams between 2007 and 2010. Most of the updates in the last two years have cleaned up the seo scams.
  • Stay away from do it yourself automated Seo software. This will only get you into trouble. Unless you don’t point it to your money site or know how to spread the risk in doing so.
  • Seo really isn’t a goal anymore. It is rather a journey that requires steady and consistent building.
  • PayPer click is a great option if you just can’t wait for organic results or need to fill the void until your site is ranked. You still have to be careful here if you are going to build solid organic seo to your website.
  • As competitive as Seo is today and with rising cost to achieve top results be cautious of companies with prices to good to be true. We are not saying stay away from deals or go with the company with the highest prices either. Just remember the old saying that you get what you pay for.
  • Seo is a long term investment not a quick fix.
  • We recommend using a company that is not only based in the U.S but also employes U.S citizens not one that is outsourced in a foreign country somewhere.

There are so many more things to write about. I will save some for the next post. Thank you for reading our info to you about seo.

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