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The Future Of Business

Experience Automated Business Systems To Increase Productivity, Profits, And Most Importantly A Happy WORK CULTURE!

Empower your business with Automated Workflows and historical data! With automated workflows, you're empowering your employees to become collaborators. Unleash the power of automation and collaboration to grow your company to new heights!


When you combine Collaboration, Automation, Corporate Credit, Marketing, and Work Culture Consulting it drives exponential growth plain and simple. When your employees are working smarter, faster, and more efficiently everyone wins!

Who are we?

We are experienced at designing and building Automated Workflows & platforms that allow companies to collaborate company wide. The benefits are off the charts. Don't wait start your path to more profits and happier employees!

Our Amazing Automated & Collaborative Business Systems Consulting & Building

Automated & Collaborative Business Solutions For Every Type Of Business

The benefits are easy to understand when you see how powerful automation can be for literally any company. 

Industrial, Commerce, Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Dispatching, Transportation, Agriculture, Law Firms, Investors, Real Estate, Product Development, Project Management and so much more! We offer the following consulting services.

  1. Company collaboration allowing all employees to work together digitally anywhere in the world.
  2. Automation: Eliminating time-consuming digital tasks to free up collaborators to be more productive. 
  3. Digital and Guerilla Marketing tactics. Find out the best and most effective ways to market your company.
  4. Corporate Credit Consulting. We not only show how to get started but we'll walk you through each step towards that new business loan. 
  5. Work Culture Consulting. Learn techniques for empowering your staff and creating a place everyone wants to work!

Our Promise


"Service is the one thing that truly separates the Good from the Best"

ComputerArmy is a People-first company. We understand that real customer service is hard to find. We have challenged ourselves to provide the highest level possible of service and interactions. We to have experienced bad service and have made it our mission to provide the best on every level. We know you love our Business Consulting.